Sunday, January 15, 2012

Not as easy as I hoped...

Well here I am only 6 weeks away from my 30th birthday and nowhere near closer to my goal weight. I could just delete this blog, throw the towel in and give up. But after having probably the hardest week of my family's life emotionally, I refuse to give up! I know I am not  going to make my goal weight by the time I hit 30, so now I am determined to atleast hit it while I am the big 3-0!!

Today I did around 30 minutes of intervals between jogging and walking. A lot easier on the treadmill but today I had to push a jogging stroller while doing it. Quite a workout! Then I came home and did the following exercises:

10- Quadraped knee-hip extensions
20- lunges alternating legs
Repeat 2 more times

10 second front plank
10 second side plank- right side
10 second side plank- left side
20 alternating bird dogs
Repeat 2 more times

8 triangle push ups
8 dips
Repeat 2 more times- however both of these I can do about 8 first time, 5 next time and maybe 3 the last time!!

Wish I could go to the gym today, but this is the next best thing. Maybe when hubby gets home tonight I'll try and go on another run without pushing the stroller. It really does clear my head and feel therapuetic!

Need this motivation right now!

Saturday, December 31, 2011

End of 2011!

Well this year ends tonight and I have some things to be proud of, however the past two weeks worth of trying to get healthy is not part of that! I have been absolutely terrible! I pretty much gained all the weight I lost at the beginning of this back. So here it is and I am starting from scratch, yet again. I'm not exactly sure that I will make my goal anymore. But I am still determined to get pretty stinking close. Especially since I am doing my first 5k March 10th, which I am so stoked about!! Here's a little clip my sister-in-law found:

So this 5k is definitely one of goals for 2012. I have quite a few however I will just share my ones that are related to this blog:

- Do 2- 5ks in 2012.
-Start exercising 4-5x a week. I currently have been averaging 2x a week and that is definitely not enough. Whether it's the gym, going on walks, bicycle rides or whatever. I feel so much better when I am more active.
- Start spending my time with my husband being more active. Either going on walks, regular bike rides, hikes, swimming. Atleast being more active, this does cross over to personal goals as well.
-Stop being so stressed out!! I know this is going to be hard for me considering it is my personality and considering I am starting work again, but I know weight gain is related to stress. I need to figure out a way to not stress about the little things and focus only on what's important. Still working on how I am going to pull this one off though :-)
-Foodwise, my goal is simple. Not overeat! I could say I want to cut out unhealthy food but that is just not realistic for me. I love food way too much. So instead my goal is to not overeat anymore.

I have a lot more personal goals and changes for 2012 that I won't share here, but let me just say after how absolutely terrible I have felt over the past two weeks of being lazy and overeating, I am determined to stick to these changes and more!

Sunday, December 18, 2011


So I may have been slacking on this blog... slacking on eating healthy... but I have not been slacking on my workouts :-)
Over the past week I have made it twice to the gym and I am going to be heading out one last time as soon as my husband gets home! Workouts have been killing my back and I practically walk around with a heating pad on it, however I know that if I can work thru this pain and get my muscles strong the pain will lessen.
Anyways I wanted to share what I have been doing at the gym. This week I have been starting with a 10 minute 3.0 speed walk on the treadmill. It gets me feeling better. Then I do my weight machines. Hoping to expand on them and learn some new things soon. Then I stretch. Which may seem backwards but everything I have heard lately says to stretch after your muscles are warmed up. It also feels awesome to stretch after doing weights... just an FYI!! Then I finish my workout with 20-25 minutes of intervals. I basically have been doing week one and week 2 of Couch to 5k program for a couple weeks now. I think starting today I will maybe get more strict with my couch to 5k program.

Also here is a great stomach workout I have been doing everyday for the past 2 days and my stomach is already feeling it. I can't do 2 of the things properly because of my back, but atleast I'm trying!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Emotional, Therapeutic, Corny Kinda Post.... but every blogger needs one!!

So this weekend I have come to a realization. Actually not exactly a realization since I've known this for quite a while, but more like a determination to change this person I have become. I no longer put myself first. Not that I want to be a completely selfish person, but more that I need to put more effort into making myself happy than thinking other people will make that happen. Since I have met my now husband I have slowly turned into this wife that sits around and waits for him. It's actually kind of funny considering I was such an independant person 10 years ago who would have absolutely been disgusted by the person I am now!! I remember being so annoyed with married couples that would say, "Oh I have to check with my husband first!" LOL Now let me say first off none of this is my husbands fault. This is not a post complaining about him, it's an attempt to get this off my chest in hopes that this will make me a better person, better wife and better mother.

So Friday night I thought about going to the gym since we had nothing planned. Instead I figured I would stay home and hang out with my husband and son. Well my husband spent the entire night hanging out in the garage working on his hobby stuff that makes him happy and my son watched a movie and played with his toys. I sat on the couch bored and depressed. Saturday I spent the whole day cleaning and cooking. Then when hubby came home I should have gone to the gym, but instead I sat around bored, again, and ended up eating an entire 4th meal to fill that void. Then comes Sunday, I should have gone on a walk in the morning, took my son to a free event that was happening locally since my husband was off doing his guy stuff most of the day. But yet again I sat around waiting to hear when hubby might be home before actually doing anything. Which in essence meant I waited around for nothing. This entire weekend I did not do anything for myself, only things for my husband and son.

I have got to start putting myself first. I have got to stop blaming others for my problems and just figure it out! If I want to go the gym and feel good about myself I need to make it happen!! If I want to take my son to the park, or on a bike ride, or on a walk I have to make it happen. If I want to start a new hobby or go shopping or what the freak ever I need to make it happen!! NOT wait around for my husband. The stuff that makes him happy is not what makes me happy and that is ok. We don't have to do everything together and I definitely need to stop putting his needs before mine. Sometimes it's ok... but not all the time. Hardest thing to actual admit... I think I've lost most of my friends because of this person I have become.

So my new plan for this week (a week I'm also starting working AAHHHH) is to make a schedule. A schedule so my husband knows when I am needing him to take care of our son. So no more excuses, no more 'oh I was thinking about going to the gym tonight but I don't have to if you're too tired" kind of crap. I do not need to spend every second of my life cleaning, cooking, being a mommy and being a wife. There is also room in there for me to be just Gina!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Boredom is the Enemy!

Here I am tonight, a Saturday night, bored out of my mind!! So hubby says why don't we go drive around and let Jaden look at all the Christmas lights? Doesn't seem like a bad idea since I don't want to just sit around watching tv or playing on the computer. And Since I cleaned house all day I did not want to do anymore "work". NOT A GOOD IDEA!! We come home with animal style fries, strawberry milkshake and a cheeseburger (which I actually did not order, hubby added to the order in case I wanted more) from In N Out!! Entire 4th meal down and I feel disgusting!!
No more 4th meals! No more being bored and turning to food! That's my goals for right now. In the meantime I doubt I am going to lose the weight I gained last week :-(

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gained weight :-(

So upset to say I have gained 2.5 pounds back. Being sick for a week and then having a holiday weekend has just killed my motivation. All I have been craving is junkfood and I have been overeating. Also haven't exercised in over 2 weeks.
I'm working on a schedule this morning to make everything more automatic. My husband and I are going to start training for a 5K in march. So I have to squeeze in 3 times a week with him at a track, plus 2 times a week for me at the gym on top of everything I already do. Oh and I am starting to work part time agian next week as well!! I seriously don't know how people can do EVERYTHING! I really don't want to but I may have to start drinking diet soda again just for the caffeine to keep me going all day!